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Roelofs & Rubens 

Together with a dedicated team of fantastic helpers, we (Piet and Monty) work from our cottage-studio. Nearly every spot in the house is used in one way or the other for the business. 
Over the years, our collection of decorations has grown and includes the popular ranges of animals and flowers and a lot more. The most popular by far is our Christmas range.  

Butterscotch Studio 

Hello from Butterscotch Studio... A busy little workshop in Kent, where an ever growing collection of personalised gifts, handmade decorations, favours & seasonal goodies, are planned, produced & packed. 
Butterscotch Studio was started by myself, Kelli (arts & crafts hoarder and long time 'perfect gift' shopping enthusiast), as a bit of an escape from mumhood. Things got serious when I persuaded the handy men in the family to build a studio in the back garden, where I could revel in my crafty clutter, and grow my business. I hope you find something you fancy! 

Missy Mac 

Based in Stoke Newington, London, Missy Mac is inspired by bold colour and a desire to incorporate it into unique fused glass decorations. 
All items are made by hand cutting and crushing art glass before firing in a specialist kiln up to temperatures of 800 degrees Celsius. 

Jude Allen Artist 

I am an artist and sculptor fortunate enough to live and work in the beautiful New Forest on the Hampshire and Dorset borders. 
I make work from willow, wire, steel, ceramics, wood and found objects. 
My dual fascination with materials and drawing has lead me to create 3-dimensional artworks in a variety of media. 
An innate belief in the importance of sustainability coupled with a reluctance to throw useful objects away has given rise to a desire to make work that reuses worn, weathered, obsolete materials and elevates them through an appreciation of their patination and wear to objects of desire. 

Twice Fired Glass 

These are the inspirations of up-and-coming glass artist and designer Kate Park, the owner and artistic mind behind Twice Fired. 
Based in Leeds, a creative hub and home to the inspirational natural surrounding landscape that is Yorkshire, the Twice Fired studio designs and produces exquisite contemporary handmade glass art. 
The Contemporary Glass Society has already exhibited two Twice Fired pieces and the British Craft Trade Fair (BCTF) is showcasing a piece in its Harrogate gallery. 

Rebels Craft Creations 

Rebel by name, rebel by nature... 
When I was younger, I would always get into trouble, in and out of everything and doing the exact opposite of what my parents wanted me to do. It was at this point my dad nicknamed me his rebel child, and it stuck, he still calls me Rebel or Reb to this day. (I don’t think he actually knows my name lol). 
Since an early age I've always liked to get my hands dirty, just ask my dad! I find there is something so satisfying from taking something so simple as concrete and moulding it into something that can take pride and place in your home. 
Rebelscraftcreations came about with the need of a kitchen wall clock after mine broke and I could not find one I liked, I remembered I had half a bag of cement so decided to make one myself. That was the start of the concrete bug.... 

Mrs Wreath Designs 

Mrs Wreath Designs was founded in 2019 when I finally got both my small children at school and decided to do something for myself once again. 
I originally started out making wreaths hence the name, but then decided to try decoupage, however my name Mrs Wreath Designs was already established on social media so decided to keep the name. 
I have 100’s of designs which means I can make perfect hand made with love gifts all year round. 

Lucy Antwis 

Lucy Antwis is a brand proudly steeped in a ten year history of ecologically sound products and packaging. 
From humble beginnings as a teenager hair braiding on Whitby swing bridge she gained her first outlet at the age of 16 selling jewellery made from her threads from braiding. After graduating with First Class Hours in Textiles in 2004 Lucy went in and out of various roles in teaching and other platforms but was never satisfied for long, the desire for self sufficiency grew stronger, she had big ideas after writing her Thesis on Textiles and the Environment and wanted to create something that counteracted the damage made by creating mass produced products for the home and accessories market. 
Lucy very first products were bags and scarves made purely from wool then the product range grew and grew over a few years until she officially launched her brand 'Lucy Antwis'. Since then Lucy has gone from selling the odd creation to selling full time on various platforms around the world creating the brand that is Lucy Antwis. A few years ago Lucy acquired an allotment and takes much of her inspiration from days on the patch or visiting natural places camping as well as her birth place Robin Hoods Bay. 
Like Lucy, if you love the outdoors and love to celebrate the planet these eco gifts are for you. Pure Yorkshire sheeps wool and silks, real handpicked and hand pressed flowers. Ecologically sound gifts all made in beautiful North Yorkshire and all loving the planet. 


Hello, I’m Carolyn, creator of Maggiejacksstudio (based near Haigh, Greater Manchester), named in honour of my Mum and Dad. 
I am a mixed media artist, lover of colour, texture and detail. I use thread, wool and paint on fabric, wood and canvas to create unique and often quirky decorations for your home or as original gifts. 
My mission is to spread joy through my art which now has a presence in the USA, Europe and the UK. 

Decorations by Sharon 

I am a small, one man band, except for hubby who is in charge of coffee and post runs, based on the Essex coast, who has fallen head over heels in love with making machine embroidered felt decorations. 
It started with a gingerbread horse, back in 2018, and has now multiplied to over 600 various gingerbread people and animals as well as many other felt designs, to cover almost any occasion. If there is a specific profession, hobby, sport or colour you would like, please ask, and I’ll happily give it a go. 
This year, after many, many years of dithering I have finally taken the plunge and given up my day job to follow my passion full time - here’s to a new adventure. 

Riviera Radiance 

In the heart of the English Riviera, our business was founded by Joy, who has had a lifelong interest in crafting. It has always been her dream to launch a store with her creations, and when she discovered acrylic resin in 2020, the idea for Riviera Radiance was born. 
Riviera Radiance thrive on crafting resin creations, no matter the occasion. From the traditional to contemporary, subtle to the dramatic! 
Every petal and leaf is hand sculpted in wire before being dipped in acrylic resin ensuring every creation is unique. 
Our range is continuously evolving with the change of the seasons and annual celebrations. We believe that wreaths aren't just for Christmas . . . 

HoT Creative 

HoT Creative makes beautiful, contemporary home decor and gifts. 
All our gorgeous products are handmade in Henley on Thames by our creative, talented and generally awesome local creatives. 
Christmas wreaths and decorations lead the way this season, to make your home look and smell divine this Christmas. 

Happily Rustic 

I started this business in August 2018 after losing my previous job to ill health, just as something to do to keep me busy on my good days. It’s grown quite quickly and in October 2020 my husband left his job to come and work with me full time. 
We love making the wood slice products, we love working with such a beautiful, natural product and seeing all the lovely, happy photos that are sent to us. 
We only work with repurposed wood, no trees are ever cut down just for us. Our wood is a bit more rough and ready than the stuff you see in craft shops but that’s what we love about it, every single piece is as different and unique as each of our customers. 

Luxury Forest Crafts 

Since moving to the Forest of Dean 3 years ago I have found myself surrounded by huge amounts of pine cones, acorns, horse chestnuts and walnuts. 
Being fortunate to inherit a summer house in the garden of our new property, my lovely husband converted it into a wonderful craft room for me. Becoming newly retired has given me the time to fulfil my love of crafts and create beautiful + unique wreaths. 
I forage all the natural materials myself, with occasional help from family, then clean and prepare them for use in a wreath. I spend many hours on each wreath, enhancing the natural beauty of nature with hand painting, burnishing and sculpting. No two wreaths are identical and with care can last for years. 

By Leah 

All of my products are handmade by me from my home.  
I took up crochet over 10 years ago and instantly fell in love. I soon realised that my output was bigger than my family's needs and so decided to offer my makes for sale.  
I have always been passionate about Christmas and decorated by own home. I love making fun, modern decorations whilst maintaining a traditional charm.  

Rustic Dandy Designs 

The name Rustic Dandy Designs came to fruition after we learned, that as a 
couple, we were known as 'Dandy!' We have known each other for over 30 
years from when we worked together at a local zoo! There we became really 
good mates after discovering that we were both born in the same year and on 
exactly the same day in April. More recently we have found out that we made 
our appearances into the world less than 5 minutes apart and only 13 miles 
away from each other!! 29 Christmas and Birthday Cards later (no guesses 
for who sent those!! 😁) we became a couple in May 2017 and have been 
inseparable ever since! In true rustic style Andy proposed in October 2019 
under a young oak tree with an oak engagement ring! We are getting married 
on our joint birthday in April 2022. 
Aside from the crafting world, we both set up our own businesses in early 
2018, which rely on phone calls from customers to be busy, so we were 
looking for something we could turn our hands to, if we ever had quieter 
moments. We wanted items that we produced to be things that we like and 
would be happy to have in our own home; be of good quality; made from 
natural products; be rustic in appearance and that we both enjoyed making. 
So all of our homeware, gifts and decorations we are making at the moment 
fit the bill! We hope you like them too! 
Deborah & Andy 

Silver Wave Jewellery 

I am based in Berkshire, UK but spend a lot of time in lovely Lyme Regis on the south coast of the UK and draw much of my inspiration from the pretty Dorset and Devon countryside and coastline surrounding Lyme Regis. I love nothing better than wandering along the beach and am a bit of a collector so end up collecting pieces of sea glass and pottery - to be used in my creations at some point in the future no doubt! 
All my creations are handcrafted by me in my studio and as such each piece is very individual so patterns and designs may vary. I aim to make simple, stylish, pretty creations that will be loved and cherished by its owner forever. 
Each creation purchased comes beautifully packaged ready to give away as a present or just open and enjoy! 
I have my own makers hall mark registered with the London Assay Office and all my pieces comply with the UK Assay Office hallmarking regulations. 


Here at UptonogoodDesign we pride ourselves on producing high quality gifts. 
We start with the design, in some cases spending hours perfecting the product, from the visual mock-up and all the descriptions as well as the digital files we need to produce the items. We source the best quality products to sublimate on, which with regards to our decorations these are hand crafted to perfection. 
We have high spec printers and precision-made colour profiles to match, this ensures nothing leaves our studio that wasn't perfect. 
We carefully package and wrap every item, and we pride ourself on 5* customer service. 
Over the past year we have built a great customer base, our business is growing and we are immensely proud of what we achieve every day. With every positive review we read this keeps us motivated to produce gifts people will treasure for years to come. 

Craft Happy  

Hi I’m Helen and I created Craft Happy to ease my anxiety and keep my fingers active in 2020 during the pandemic, before discovering that I was using my art to connect with people. 
I work mostly with sea glass but also use other beachy finds when the shapes inspire me. I have recently started recycling my own glass in a rock tumbler so you will find some of my decorations are made from old gin bottles for example (it comes to something when your choice of tipple is based on the colour and shape of the bottle rather than the taste!). 
I live in Worcestershire but travel regularly to the north east where I collect all of my glass at the site of a 19th century bottle works. 


Based in North London and working in a small little work room I am able to do what I love which is work with lots of precious stones and beads. 
ChiChiBella was born from a love of all that shines and sparkles and also the fact that I lost my full time job and was able to work on what I love most. 
The love of Semi Precious stones and sparkle has always been my passion and love, therefore i have for years been involved in designing and also a spot of styling for wedding magazines. 
I believe when something is made with love and passion it always shines and to be able to pass this on as a gift is so special to me. 

Debra-Anne's Gifts 

Hi, I am based on Canvey Island. 
I started beading about 20 years ago now. It started with simple basic items like elasticated bracelets and simple earrings. I then moved on and taught myself to make jewellery with the more delicate seed beads, and I now make items other than jewellery like little beaded boxes and ornaments. 
I really enjoy this and find it relieves stress. I am now trying to make this into a full-time job. 

Emuart Creations 

Welcome to the colourful world of Emuart. 
I began modelling with polymer clay a number of years ago and l was immediately hooked. I initially started making little pieces for friends and family but since then, I have taken my hobby to the next level with Emuart Designs. 
One of the things that I love about polymer clay is the way in which it allows me to let my imagination run wild and create unique and quirky characters, each with their own little personality. Entirely handcrafted, each piece starts its life as a simple lump of clay and as such, no two pieces are ever exactly the same. 

Crafty Croc 

Crafty Croc was created in the beginning of 2021, as I wanted to put a smile on both customers’ faces and mine after a very strange 2020. I thought the best way to do this was to offer premium wooden personalised items. I 
wanted something someone could purchase to brighten up their own home or similarly make someone else’s day who receives the unique personalised gift. 
Our products are all made to order and are handcrafted. I am also constantly coming up with new ideas and products so keep those eyes peeled. 
Thank you for taking the time to read my story, 
AMY x 

Sarah Lewis Designs 

Everything is designed and hand painted by little old me! No one else! This means every item is unique. 
I design and hand paint a wide selection of glassware. Each item is unique and can be personalised for any special occasion. 

Felt So Good 

Felt So Good create handcrafted, felted decorations and characters that are simply bursting with personality. Born in 2009, when founder Adele Collinson was working in Asia and came upon the vibrancy and potential of using felt as a sustainable and eco-friendly material. 
The underlying ethos behind Felt So Good has always been to produce high quality, ethically produced, sustainable products that don’t compromise on design, all whilst showcasing the techniques and skills of our team. Each quirky character and decoration has been brought to life under Fairtrade working conditions, allowing these skilled female artisans to live a discriminate-free life of independence with employment security at a fair wage. 
Felt So Good products are 100% biodegradable, plastic-free and guaranteed to make both you and the planet smile. 

Pet Mirrors 

Pet Mirrors is the creation of Michelle Clarkson, a Director at Industrial Plastic Supplies Ltd. 
For those of you that don’t know we are a 37-year-old family run plastic engineering business based right here in the UK in Leeds, West Yorkshire. 
We make a great range of pet themed glitter acrylic Christmas decorations. We have dogs, cats, rabbits, and horses, but can make any animal at all. 
We love our Glitter range which is available in 11 colours. The glitter is encapsulated inside the material, so never rubs off! 

Chameleon & Co 

Based in Oxfordshire, Chameleon & Co are passionate about creating unique decorations. The animal inspired artwork has been incorporated into a range of quality enamel decorations from a traditional festive robin to a vibrant pink flamingo. 
The Chameleon & Co collection can add a festive flair to your Christmas tree or look great all year round as a unique hanging decoration. 

Little Bun Designs UK 

Little Bun Designs UK is a multi national seller of an enchanting collection of woodland & nature inspired cards & gifts. 
Designed & handcrafted deep in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, my creations have earned me a place in the top 1% of sellers on Etsy. 

The Bobbin Case 

I started making clothes and hats for myself, family members and friends from a young age whilst also pursuing my love of art at A level and then foundation level then moving onto a degree in Textile Design. Work experience is mainly in Millinery and library work after a break to raise my two children I am now discovering the job that I really enjoy! 

Blooming Creative Co 

Hi, I'm Karen! I live in the New Forest, Hampshire, and my absolute passion is wreath making. 
I started making wreaths during our first lockdown as something to keep me busy and my mind active. I found I actually had a talent for wreath making and after much badgering from friends and family I decided to take the plunge and start a little business.  
Blooming Creative Co was established in March 2021 and I am very proud of what I have achieved so far. All my wreaths are unique in their own way, with much care and attention to detail. I make wreaths for all occasions/seasons which can be placed indoors or outdoors, and look wonderful on any door, wall, fence, summerhouse... or where ever you choose to add a pop of colour!  

Busy Bees Craft Studio  

Firstly let me introduce myself my name is Norma. 
I was brought up in the age of make do and mend. I have tried pretty much everything, especially when my daughter was born. 
2018 was a big year for me; I celebrated a BIG birthday and something clicked. I wanted to do things for me and with the encouragement of my lovely family, 'Busy Bees Craft Studio' was born. 
I thoroughly enjoy what I make and I hope you do too. 
I'm sure you will find something that I have done with felt, hessian, wool or cotton that will at least make you smile. 

Craftee Thoughts 

As far back as I can remember I have done crafting of some sort. 
My mother taught me to knit before I started school. 
I was about 9 when I started to crochet, and I still love it more than 63 years later!!! 
Over the years I have made clothes for my children and niece and nephews - sewing and machine knitting, as well as crochet. 
Card making is another craft that I became seriously into, and have made family and friends many cards over the years. 
I'm not quite sure how I arrived where I am today - doing machine embroidered items - but I love it, and can incorporate some of my other interests. 

Molten Wonky 

I live in an old farmhouse and my studio is a slightly leaky old pig shed in North Essex. I started making fused glass pieces in 2009 once all my children had gone off to school. 
Previous to that I had worked in Stained Glass but loved being able to work in a much freer way with fusing. 
I work in-between everyone else and love my time in my studio. 
Molten Wonky products are made with a certain production ethos, each "wonky" item will retain its own quirky uniqueness. I like to work in a random and haphazard way, and that helps to create each uniquely "wonky" product. 

Martha's Marketplace 

Ten years ago I began up-cycling furniture while working full time in a challenging job. It was great therapy and incredibly relaxing to take an old table and make it look beautiful. 
When retirement coincided with lockdown, and as it was hard to acquire furniture, I decided to make wreaths for family and friends to keep myself occupied. 
Using bits of used remnants and some new Christmas fabric, I found that I loved making the wreaths, and that there was great joy in creating the designs. My family and friends really liked the wreaths, and, before long, the orders began coming in from people they knew. 
Fast forward a few months, and I'm selling all kinds of wreaths online and at Craft Fairs, as well as Rag Wreath Kits for adults and children. I feel so lucky to be doing something I love and producing decorations many people can enjoy! 

Halo by Suzanne 

Hi, my name is Suzanne Woodhouse from Halifax, West Yorkshire. I am married with two teenage children. I am currently exploring my love of crafting which has developed and grown through lockdown. 
I am thoroughly enjoying making the wreaths/ wall hangings whether it is Christmas ones or children’s pretty ones or themed wreaths, like Easter or Halloween. 

Iris and Thistle 

I am Lisa and creator of Iris & Thistle. I am based in the peak district of Derbyshire where I handmake my items.. 
I specialise in realistic artificial flowers and pay close attention to detail to make my floral arrangement and wreaths as realistic as possible. I use high quality flowers and greenery to give that fresh flower look the will last for years. 
I also create home decor items that perfectly compliment my floral designs and can be used year after year. 
I absolutely love hand making my items for my customers. I am passionate about seasonal decoration. Seasonal decoration isn't just for Christmas, it can bring so much join and cheer to your home throughout the year. 

Handmade & Heartfelt 

Our name says it all: Handmade & Heartfelt. Handcrafted gifts made from the heart! Our products are all handmade ourselves with love, in Newcastle upon Tyne. 

Plaques by Katie 

Hi I’m Katie owner of Plaques by Katie based at home in Lancashire. 
I run my little business alongside my part time job as well as looking after my two boys. 
I create many items, mainly using wood including hanging plaques, decorations, Christmas Eve Boxes and freestanding plaques etc which can all be personalised to you. Every piece is hand painted with love and care to your requirements. 
I’ve always enjoyed crafting from a young age and after having my youngest son 8 years ago I decided to start my little business doing what I love. 
My main goal for the future is to be able to run my business as a full time job creating new unique products for my customers. 
Katie xx 

Heart of Poms 

Lovingly handmade products by myself, bespoke made for you. 
All products that I use are of high quality. 
All my items are made to order. 
I hope you enjoy following my journey as much as I enjoy making these creations. 
Kate x 

Flutterby Craft Studio 

I'm a single mum to two wild boys Ashton & Leighton who are 13 & 12, and our beloved dog Rhea. 
Two nights of the week I do nightshifts as an health care support worker in a small community hospital. It's a job I love and it allows me to work around my boys and business. 
Over the last 5 years I have built my business up and have become obsessed with painting and love the fact all my items are quirky. 
As they are made to order they are unique to you which makes them even more special. I can do most colours of all my items, so if you would ever like anything in a colour not available on the website, please do let HOOKED UP decs know, and they'll check to see if I can do it! 
All decorations are suitable for indoor use only. 

Wood Art Shop 

Wood Art Shop was found in 2019, in Suffolk and is dedicated to the highest quality of innovative modern home décor delivered with innovation, originality and creativity. We are also an award-winning company with 2 awards received. One for Best Innovative Home Décor Business and another for Home Décor Retailer of the Year. 
All our products are made from an innovative engineered coloured wood material, hand sanded and hand painted providing state-of-the-art home décor coloured wood products. Our products are extremely distinctive because of its colours and material used. Our engineered coloured wood is environmentally friendly as we care about the nature! 
We carefully package and wrap every item, and we pride ourselves on 5* customer service. 
Hope you enjoy our products as much as we loved created them. 

LB Clay Crafting and More 

My name is Louise. I am 48 years old, happily married with two wonderful grown children. 
I recently decided to change my career path due to becoming visually impaired. Before this I was working on my dissertation in the last 3 months of the third year of a Master's of Mental Health Science Degree. However, my eye sight got so bad that I was unable to continue. Even after having eye surgeries I struggled so much with reading and writing to complete the dissertation I decided it was unattainable without further damaging my eyes. 
I have accepted this now and turned my career path to my new found passion of Pottery especially hand-building with clay, even though I do enjoy the potter's wheel and will continue to become experienced using that. 
My aim is to create Unique Bespoke Handcrafted Clay Products for other's to give to people they love as gifts, or as Home Decorative pieces. 

Beeyoutiful Gifts 

Here at Beeyoutiful Gifts, we truly believe that “when you support a small business, you are supporting a dream.” 
We are a UK home-based family business specialising in "beeyoutiful" handmade gifts. We take the upmost pride in our products and each product is handmade to order. We understand that quality cannot be rushed, and we want to ensure the product you receive is truly “beeyoutiful”. 
We hand wrap all orders in tissue paper and bubble wrap before placing into a suitably sized kraft style box. All orders are carefully packaged with care to ensure a safe journey - so it arrives just the way it left our hands! 
No matter the occasion, you are sure to find something perfect! 
Custom orders are welcome, so please get in touch to discuss. 

Fleur De La Wreath 

Hi, my name is Michelle. I have a passion for creating beautiful things to do with flowers. As a mixed media artist I enjoy painting, floristry and crafts. My studio is based in the beautiful market town of Macclesfield, Cheshire. 
I make and sell unique handmade wreaths & decorations, as well as my original art work. 
I am proud to be part of the HOOKED UP decs team, where I will be offering my exclusive wreaths and decorations for sale. 
My wreaths are for many occasions - House warming gifts, Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays, or as a special thank you for friends or loved ones. 
Here you will see new creations weekly that will be available for you to buy. Watch this space! 

Bellaboo For U 



My name is Jackie. 
I work full time as a Support worker for Adults with Disabilities. 
I find it relaxing beach combing around Kent, for shells, sea glass and fossils. 
I work with locally sourced shells. In my spare time I like to decoupage and decorate the shells in different ways.  

One off Pieces Ltd 

Hi my name is Karen and I found myself being made redundant . This gave me focus and helped me develop my imagination and creative side. 
My passion for life helped me create crafts I never knew I was capable of. I am passionate about creating something beautiful from old unused items making them truly special for each and every one of my customers. 
I also make hand craft items myself . I see value and beauty in everyday with its wonder and opportunity. 


Hi...my name is Melanie...and I am a Pewter and mixed media artist. I have always been creative…always dabbling in some form of craft, from cake baking to printing, to making children’s fancy dress costumes…but have never been able to stick to one medium for long…and then I found metal embossing!! 
Pewter has a lustre that can captivate light or darken to form shadow. It’s malleability enables it to be engraved and embossed with a few simple tools…and can be used to decorate a variety of objects or be used in mixed media works. 
I have a studio in Birmingham, where I run workshops in pewter embossing. 


A sideways look at the Mancunian Worker Bee. 

Daisy Daisy Special Days 

Bespoke stationery and decor for all your Special Days. 
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