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Why would I choose to sell my decorations on HOOKED UP decs? 

Our aim is for HOOKED UP decs to become the ideal partner for every holiday and celebration, all whilst hooking up small and independent creators. 
Our store will be a hotbed of decorations for every occasion making sure that customer’s memory-worthy moments look exciting and fresh, through from January to December. Here at HOOKED UP decs we like to keep things quirky and interesting though. With our love for all things special we have decided that ‘boring’ baubles have no place here. We think it’s about time that the decorations we treasure always reflect individual taste and style, hooking up every dec with its perfect home. 
We look through all products before being sold on our site to ensure that they fit with our brand and are of high quality, therefore keeping standards incredibly high and ensuring that you’d be amongst the best of other talents. 

Who is responsible for delivery and insurances? 

Delivery times are advised by individual creators and are to be included on each of the listings. This is the period within which the you will post the item and therefore these should be kept up to date and HOOKED UP decs should be kept informed to ensure the website is current and we meet customer’s expectations. 
You will have your own insurance in place, for delivery, and if deemed appropriate, to cover any issues that may arise because of your product. 

Can I add variations to my products? 

Therefore, we suggest you add the cost of postage and packaging to each item so that you don’t lose out. The 15% commission will be on the total cost shown on the website, but just so you know, this will be the only cost to you, as we do not charge for listing items. HOOKED UP decs will manage all payments securely through Stripe. We will then send the payment to you, with the order details, and we will deduct our 7.5% commission on the total cost of each item. We will promote products on our social media platforms. We want the customers to get to know you, and your story, so we will include your creator story on the website also. We will use customer photos of your products, share reviews, and run special offers to hook interest in your decorations. We recognise how important good reviews are so we will encourage customers to leave these. In the unlikely event that customers are unhappy with their purchase, we will encourage them to use the ‘contact us’ page or email sales@hookedupdecs.co.uk before leaving negative feedback, which we will then forward on to you so you can try to rectify any issues. Selling at HOOKED UP decs does not prevent you from selling on any other website or anywhere else. HOOKED UP decs work very closely with our creators to ensure that the products received meet the required standard and the expectations of the customers. 

Where is HOOKED UP decs based? 

We are a family business based in Suffolk, UK. 
You can apply to sell your products on our website by visiting the 'Meet our Creators' page and then following the link. 
To ensure that all products featured on HOOKED UP decs are suited to our customers, and fit with our brand, we will go through all of your products and hand select items that are the best fit. 

How will my products be added to the website? 

We differ from other platforms, such as Etsy and Folksy, in that we will require product photos, and details of your creations, to be sent to us for upload to the store. You will provide this via the ‘Product Detail Form’ that we will provide. We will handle all website admin, receive all orders, take payment and then provide you with the order details and payment, less our 15% commission. You will then send the order directly to the customer. 
We want to make sure that customers can also see the talented creators of the products, and so we will also send over a ‘Creator Story Form’ where you can provide information and a logo that represents your brand. We do offer a Logo Creation service through our subsidiary company HOOKED UP designs if this is something you require. 
Creators who sell through HOOKED UP decs agree that the sales contract is between each individual ‘creator’ and the buyer. HOOKED UP decs provides a service to facilitate that contract but is not responsible for it or its fulfilment. 

What if there is a product dispute? 

On the rare occasion there is a dispute between a creator and a customer, which cannot be resolved between them, HOOKED UP decs may intervene. Many of the items found on HOOKED UP decs are handmade and may differ slightly to pictures on the website, this must be expected with unique, bespoke handmade crafts. 
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