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As each year goes by, more and more people are choosing to celebrate and even decorate each of the holidays in the calendar. Especially after 2020, it’s become so much more important to make occasions out of the everyday, spend quality time with friends and family, and make long-lasting memories. 
But whilst Christmas is well-established, and Easter lends itself to pretty pastel colours, a lot of people are still a bit confused on where to start with Halloween. The decorations that you can buy in high street shops are still very much one-time-use, plastic and gimmicky, and dare I say a little bit tacky, which doesn’t suit everyone’s taste and aesthetic. 
So here are our top five tips on how to celebrate Halloween, but with the added splash of sophistication and elegance that you may be missing from the occasion ordinarily. 
Think colours. In order to allow your decorations to feel cohesive, you need to establish a colour palette. This will enable you to buy decorations from lots of different sellers and shops, yet have it all still feel as though it’s from the same scheme. Picking two or three colours will also prevent decoration shopping from feeling so daunting, as you’ll have a lot less items to look through. If you think about it, you already likely do this with other holidays. If your Christmas scheme is red and gold, you don’t even bother looking through the pink and blue decorations when you want to add to your collection! 
Decide on your Halloween vibe. Do you think that Halloween should be focussed on all things scary or gory, or are you more of a cute and funny Halloween person? Commit to a style and run with it, as this will ultimately give your decorations a lot more impact when people walk into your home. A mixture of the two is much more likely to leave people feeling confused and underwhelmed. 
Commit to no throw-away items. This is potentially the most difficult when it comes to Halloween, but also the most important. It prevents holiday decorations from looking cheap. This means no paper items that will get ruined, no budget plastic that will get dented and broken, and no buying anything that you don’t truly love. Think of it as building a collection that you can treasure and build upon every year so that the items become part of your family. Overtime, the decorations will attach themselves to lots of family memories, become extra special and sentimental, and you’ll probably find yourself wanting to eventually pass them down to future generations. 
Make family traditions. I think the reason a lot of people still shy away from celebrating Halloween is because they don’t know how to. Unless people have young children, it does tend to be treated like another normal day for most. So treat it like a celebration! Whatever you decide is best for your family, do something. Think about what you would like to do more of, and make it a new Halloween tradition that you can do year upon year. This will straight away make it feel like more of a holiday, and will give you an extra thing to look forward to when the colder months start rolling round. 
Think food. For me, when I think of Christmas, one of the main things I think about is the food. I feel the same about Easter too. There’s a lot of other parts of holidays that I love, but the food is actually the one time during these occasions where the family sits down together and celebrates something more than the material. If food that resembles severed fingers and squishy brains aren’t your thing, there are so many other routes you could go down. Think pumpkins. Think sweets. Think toffee apples. Think Halloween, but also think yummy and homely. 
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